Supporting the Power of Families to Strengthen Communities

Cultural Brokers works with families involved or at risk of being involved with the child welfare system.

Cultural Brokers is a non-profit organization

Cultural Brokers work with families involved with or at risk of being involved with the child welfare system. Cultural Brokers’ goal is to increase the quality of the relationship between the Fresno County Department of Social Services and the families served by the Department, to achieve better outcomes.

“Supporting the Power of Families to Strengthen Communities.”

Our Process


We Facilitate the interaction with CPS and the household

We’ll meet with you, your family and CPS when there is a reported incident to make sure all are heard and outcomes are optimal.


We asses the needs of the family and the children

During the meeting we assess you and your family’s needs to determine how Cultural Brokers can best support your family unit.


We support the family and the children

The support of our underrepresented families is why we exist. We will pair you with the resources that your family needs.

Ways We Support

After a careful assessment of your case, Cultural Brokers will connect children and families with resources to obtain housing, clothing, food, sober living, transportation, family reunification, and much more.


After the assessment of your case Cultural Brokers can connect you and your family with housing resources if appropriate.


If the assessment determines clothing is a need of a child or family members, Cultural Brokers can see to it that you are connected with clothing resources.


Food is a basic need for all and if we find that a client is in need of food as part of their assessment they will connect you with appropriate resources.


You are at your best for yourself and your family when you are sober. We can help connect you to resources to get you on the path to sobriety if you need.


If our assessment reveals that your family needs transportation we can connect you with resources to get you to your destination.


We exist to see our underrepresented families reunified. We will strive for this outcome as long as it is safe for the children of the household. 

Check out what clients say

“My children are home with me today because of the services provided by my Broker”

“I really appreciated the hard work and the dedication those Brokers had!"

They are focused and helped me maintain my calm during this Tsunami in my life.”

"These guys are a blessing and this program is much needed."

We are located in the heart of downtown Fresno

Main Office

2025 E Dakota Ave.

Suite #223

Fresno CA 93726

+1 (559) 486-1477